In September, I went for a 4 days trial in Paraty with a group of 9 peoples. Indeed, it was a free day on Thursday which allows us to take a big weekend. The Wednesday night, at officially 7h but practically, because of Brazilian time, we left Belo Horizonte at 11h. We drove all night, with a rented car and another car from friends, and we arrived a bit tired in Paraty. We visite Party for one hour and then we took a boat (see the picture) during 2 hours to bring us at 12h where we were supposed to begin the trail. There, we walk for 12 km and arrive in Martin de sà, a really paradisiac beach where we swam in the wave for around 2 arround. There the water is warm. At night, the moon arises and a mystic atmosphere occurs on the beach. However, due to our tiredness, we went to sleep around 8h.


The second day was the hardest day, we walk for 20 km in the jungle. The trail was really stiff and with the weight of the backpack, we were able to walk at only 1km/h at some location. We pass by the beach of Cairucus das Pedra, awesome beach with a swimming pool. We arrived almost at night in a house made off bamboo were we pass the night, (illegaly ?) instead of going down to the village called Ponta Negra to make some economy for the night. However, in order to enjoy the beach, we went there and I meet a fisherman in his house right on the beach. We communicate with difficulty due to my bad Portuguese level. In this village, they don’t have electricity but few peoples live there all years there thanks to tourism. This guy was an apnea man and told me that nowadays, he sees more and more trash as the plastic bag, plastic bottles, in the ocean. After this good time on the beach we went back to the bamboo house but we get lost on our way home because the dark surrounded us.

The third day was more chill. The group divided in two, some went to a waterfall when other stay on the beach during the morning. I decided to enjoy the beach and to swim and climb rocks. The afternoon, we all walk until Praia de sono. This place is more touristic and there are a lot of camping and bars there. We arrived when it was dark and we went to a concert bar were a band was playing live. After, we decided with Nicole to a midnight bath: really funny experience.

The fourth day and the last one, we decided to chill until late afternoon on the beach of de Sono: swimming in the wave, slackline, caipirinha and acai on the beach… THE PARADISE !!! Unfortunately, because every good thing has an end, we needed to live and we took a bus to Paraty, and drove home at night in Belo Horizonte.


To conclude, this moment was really awesome and I really felt in holiday. The trail was hard but know that every night you will be able to see and enjoy the ocean really help me and push me forward. Moreover, walk with people make you really close to them. I really recommend anyone have this kind of experiment !!!

Housing in Belo Horizonte

In Belo Horizonte, I am leaving in a Republica ( brazilien name which mean house for student). There, I am living with 6 bresiliens: Tamisson, Markus, Wictor, Pedro, Iggor and Matheus. Somethimes we cook together or even study together. The atmosphere is sympatique and the guys nice. The neighbours are quite noisy but it is part of the place. The place is located 20 minutes from my labaratory in UFMG.

The first 2 weeks in brazil I was living in an hostel called Da Orla hostel, located next to pampulha, in order to look for a place directly there. It was quite hard for me to find an good appartment there. Indeed, most of people don´t speak proper english. I saw differents appartment like quite expensive one or one place were 32 peoples was living with only one kitchen… I visit plenty of place and I finaly chose the closer one from were I was performing my internship. There is two facebook page called:

Republica da UFMG

Repúblicas UFMG

were you can find post and annoucement.

Cachoeira Trail

The second week end after my arrival in Belo Horizonte, I went with a group of 8 peoples in the park of Serra do Gandarela. The group were composed of 5 brasilienses and 3 foreigners. On this day, we woke up at 5h, took a bus down town, in order to begin the trail arround 9h.  There, we walk for 25 km, see 4 huge waterfalls and lose our way coupled of time. To know the trail, we follow the app wikiloc. (Awesome website for the fan of trail). At the begining the trail was really easy, but at some point it become really steep . During the break, we were able to enjoy the waterfalls and have a swim. Even if the temperature was high and I am used to cold water, I find the water of the waterfall a bit cold.